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Exchange Stories Symposium
A one-day symposium, free and open to the public

Sunday, March 20th from 3 – 6 pm
@ Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center
341 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14202

Exchange Stories:
Economics, Labor, and Interchange Explored in the Moving Image

How can we use make and use media to envision the ever-shifting connections of global economics?

Exchange Stories seeks to explore how current economies are being represented in contemporary European video and film. Incorporating the films of several artists, this seminar will examine different forms of economic practice as forms of cultural practice, raising questions such as how economic practice operates in contemporary cultures. The film program employs a wide range of approaches including experimental, documentary, auto-ethnographic and vérité strategies, which sometimes analytically, sometimes ironically deal with these topics. The presented films each individually try to activate new forms of understanding and “doing” or “thinking” economy.

Curated and introduced by Sophie Hamacher.
3:00 Opening remarks and introduction of presenters by moderator Liz Flyntz. Berlin filmmaker,
Sophie Hamacher, will introduce her curated series of films.
4:30 Excerpts of complimentary works by Rust Belt based film & video makers Lisa Jane Davis and
Anna Scime.
5:00 Department of Media Study graduate student Cayden Mak on Adorno’s conception of the
culture industry in relation to new social gaming networks.
5:30 Discussion

Laura Horelli and Gerhard Friedl
Shedding Details (23 min.)

Jan Peter Hammer
The Anarchist Banker (29min.)

Discoteca Flaming Star
El valor del gallo negro (24min.)

Anna Scime
there is no eye in equus (10min. excerpt)

Lisa Jane Davis
total eclipse of the heart of darkness (15min. excerpt)

Cayden Mak
The Schema of Game Culture: the gamification of everyday life and Adorno’s culture industry (presentation)

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