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Nicholas Stedman : ADB in LEONARDO

Nicholas Stedman
Project MUSE – LeonardoADB Project MUSE Journals

Nicholas Stedman ADB is a snake-like, modular robot designed for haptic interactions with people, writhing, wriggling, twisting, and squeezing in response to how it is held and touched. It can be used to explore intimate and emotional relationships with technology through direct physical contact. ADB adapts to and reciprocates the energy one puts into it through one’s body. When touched, it comes to life. When stroked, it seeks more of you. When harmed, it defends. ADB is composed of a series of identical modules that are connected by mechanical joints. Each module contains a servo motor, a variety of sensors, including capacitive touch sensors, a rotary encoder, and a current…

Leonardo – Volume 43, Number 4, August 2010, pp. 414-415
E-ISSN: 1530-9282 Print ISSN: 0024-094X
The MIT Press

View the full article on Project MUSE.

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